May 17, 2018

A Nice Person’s Networking Guide


Dave Delaney is a networking guru. He teaches digital marketing, social media strategy, and business networking. Dave is a keynote speaker and author of the book New Business Networking. He has a course and platform, called Networking for Nice People, that helps nice people get into networking. He wants to remove the sleazy feeling that people often get when they are networking. Dave joins me today on this episode of Real Relationships to discuss how to network if you are a nice person, think of this episode as your own personal networking guide. You’ll want to hear Dave’s take on how nice people can network effectively, so grab your earbuds and listen to this episode of Real Relationships.

Why is Dave focusing on improv training for companies?

Dave’s Communication Reboot course teaches improv training to companies to help them learn to effectively communicate. Improv training helps improve communication not just between coworkers, but between entire teams. Everyone has fun together learning how to communicate and collaborate in an upbeat environment. Improv training teaches active listening, empathy, and helps improve problem-solving skills. This training helps teams work together to solve any kind of problem that arises in the workplace. Dave thinks that improv training can help everyone become a better communicator, listen to what he has to say on the matter and consider whether you think improv training could help you.

How can improv help you build and maintain better relationships?

Having improv training helps you to network effectively at conferences. At conferences you are not just there to see the speakers, you are also there to meet people and build relationships. Improv teaches you to become a great listener by learning how to use active listening. When you ask follow up questions that are based on what the person tells you, this opens them up for future relationships. It gives you an opportunity to explore new business relationships. You may end up getting more out of the networking than the workshops at the conference. Listen to this conversation to hear if you think that improv training could help you at your next conference.

How did he end up building great relationships?

Dave has been able to build great relationships by using effective listening and by finding ways to help people. Dave is always looking for ways to serve other people. One way that he uses Contactually to help him with this is by adding tags to contacts, this helps him make connections when he is looking to help someone out. He doesn’t connect people looking for a favor in return, he just genuinely tries to help people. Dave finds that connecting people and genuinely looking for ways to serve people is the best way to form relationships and to do business. Listen to Dave’s advice on building great relationships on this episode of Real Relationships.

What are some bad habits people have when networking

People tend to approach networking the wrong way. Many are simply trying to discover what they can get out of a networking event. But this isn’t the way to do it. He says the best way to network is to just find people to help. You can do this by listening to them effectively and always asking follow up questions. Dave lets the other person do most of the talking so that he can find ways to help them. After the event, he takes notes on their business cards to reference later. Dave has fantastic advice on not just networking but building real relationships, so listen to this networking guide to hear all of his useful tips.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:44] Why is Dave focusing on improv training for companies?
  • [4:06] How can improv help you build and maintain better relationships?
  • [7:50] Why has this been his calling?
  • [9:36] How did he learn networking?
  • [12:24] Why did he create his course Networking for Nice People?
  • [15:04] What are some bad habits people have when networking?
  • [17:34] What is the most important non-obvious thing that can help people?

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