July 19, 2017

7 Steps to Make, Use & Perfect Automated Email Workflows


Compiling a solid email list is a time consuming, but incredibly valuable undertaking. And, once you've created the perfect email content to help convert that list into customers, the only thing left to do is build an added level of efficiency into the process with a streamlined automated email marketing workflow.

As a busy real estate agent, you may not have the time to personally follow up with every inquiry you receive and stay in touch with clients who have contacted you in the past. But, a structured email marketing workflow would take much of this burden out of your hands altogether.

7 Steps to set up your email workflows:

1. Know your goals

Before you're able to build the email marketing workflow that works for you, you'll have to determine what your ultimate goals are. In the business of real estate, that could range anywhere from obtaining new buyers and sellers to retaining past clients interested in future dealings. There are any number of goals you can seek to achieve. A simple email platform, such as Mail Jet, can make this entire process much easier to work through.

2. Map out your path

Each goal you've set out for yourself could have a different workflow it needs to follow in order to be successful. The path of emails for each goal will send recipients down differing paths on route to a specified end. Workflows may intersect or merge into one another, depending on the response they receive. For example, a client interested in buying investment properties wouldn't receive the same messages as a first time home buyer. But, if there was information that was mutually beneficial, such as details of record low interest rates, that same message could potentially go out to both types of clients. Active Trail can help you create your entire email campaign, if you want the insight of a professional or just don't have the time to dedicate towards it yourself. And, you can get started sending out up to 15,000 emails for free through Reach Mail's simple, user-friendly platform.

3. Create your content

Don't just assume that potential clients will continue to follow through with information you send, simply because they're interested in future real estate dealings. If what you're sending them isn't relevant to them or interesting, they'll ignore it. Give them content that catches and holds their interest and keeps them looking for more. Professional copywriters at Ukwritings are on hand to assist you with whatever project you need high quality, engaging content written for, no matter what the subject. Also, ensure that what you're sending out is totally error-free, with some proofreading help from the team at Essayroo.

4. Test out your product

It will most likely take some tweaking and find tuning to get things running more efficiently, so it's important to see what works, what doesn't, and how things can be improved. Testing out different subject lines, content and even the timing of the emails can all yield different results. A little bit of editing help from Boomessays can eliminate any pesky content errors that have found their way into your text. Ensuring your emails are able to properly be opened and read is a vitally important test as well, and a program like Litmus can help create emails that open across any number of platforms and devices.

5. Make the necessary changes

Whatever your test results show, put the changes in place that will help you see better results. Whether it's something as simple as shortening the length of your content, that Easy Word Count can help you with, or something a little more complex like the design of the content that Mad Mimi can assist with, there's always an opportunity for improvements that can yield better results.

6. Expand and branch out

Add more branches and pathways within your email marketing workflow as needed. Perhaps there was a client need that you didn't previously realize, that you would now like to integrate into your email map. Don't be afraid to add more branches in order to encompass a larger client base.

7. Grow with the flow

As your business grows and changes and, as the needs and wants of your clients change, you may need to take a look back at your original goals and make some amendments. What you sought out to achieve at the beginning of your venture into the world of real estate may not be the same today. At the same time, the needs of your clients may have changed in this constantly shifting market. Be amenable to changes in the market, which will inevitably impact how your clients think and feel.

Make it work for you

The world of real estate is a busy and ever-changing market. In order to stay focused on your tasks within that market, you've got to have an email marketing workflow that effectively works for you and your clients. Following these steps can help you build that effective and efficient workflow, so you can concentrate your energy on achieving the goals your clients set out for you.