August 16, 2017

7 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic and Leads to your Real Estate Website


It's one of the most stressful purchases anyone can ever make. Home ownership can be a confusing, overwhelming and exacerbating experience for so many. Having a real estate agent next to them can help ease some of these pressures throughout the entire process.

At some point in the hunt for a home, almost every single buyer will turn to the internet for some guidance. In fact, the very first step nearly half of home buyers take when starting their search for a new home is searching online - that's before they even contact a real estate agent for help.

They want to see what's available and possibly even get an idea of what their current home may be worth. Don't miss the opportunity to be their guide on the pathway towards their next home. Use these 7 SEO boosting tips to help drive more traffic and leads to your real estate website, so you can build your business and help ease the stresses of this gigantic purchase.

7 SEO Tips to implement today:

Local keywords should be your target

Optimize the content of your website to target the local real estate market of your area, not just for the SEO boost, but also to provide helpful information for those searching for a home. The SEO text will help drive people to your site, but the information you give them will keep them there and will show you to be somewhat of an expert in real estate for this area, giving you the credibility you'll need to nab them as clients.

Find out what keywords are performing the best at WordStream. But remember not to overload your page with keywords. The Keyword Density Checker can instantly let you know if you're over or under the recommended density level.

Feature homes you're especially excited to sell

It's natural to be more excited about some homes than others - they may have the perfect location, be in tip-top shape and look like they're straight out of a magazine. Highlight these homes in blog posts and show how excited you are about them. Excitement can be highly contagious, especially in the emotionally real estate market.

Utilize best SEO practices for the blog page you create, including the address and keywords in all facets of the page. The world of real estate moves fast, so use Slick Write to quickly spell check and edit your blogs before posting. But, if you'd rather have a real person do the editing, Big Assignments has a team that can get the work done for you.

Make plenty of use of photos and videos

When it comes to buying a home, text just won't cut it. There will be nearly no interest generated in a home that has no photos or videos included. People are extremely visual, and want to see and imagine themselves in their new home. Pictures and videos help them decide if they want to continue their interest and see the home in person or not.

No pictures or video at all almost always kills that interest instantly. No matter what type of content you're providing, ensure it's error-free with the professional editing help of Australian Help.

Optimize for all devices

We do everything on our phones these days, so why not shop for a home? A huge majority of people looking for a home do some searching on their mobile devices at some part of their hunt. For this reason, you've got to make sure you're set up for viewing on all sorts of screens. You'll instantly make your information more accessible to a much larger group. On-Page Optimization Tool is a great resource for scanning and assessing the optimization potential of your pages.

Get added exposure with directories

Huge directories get lots of traffic moving through them, so why not tag along with their popularity? Get yourself listed with one or more of these directories to nab some added exposure and drive even more traffic to your website. If you're creating citations or directories on your own, to help buyers find more information, Cite It In can help you compose perfect citations in seconds.

Maximize your exposure on your broker's website

Agents working for a broker are generally given some space on the broker's website to feature some information about themselves. Take advantage of this space and maximize its potential. Make sure you're putting out an error-free profile, with the help of Academized to edit and proofread it for you. If you're able to customize the meta data, change it to optimize it in your favor.

Although you may not believe it, people will start to Google your full name, so use it in the meta data if possible to boost those rankings.

Make use of social media

A great way to share information and connect with buyers is through your social media platforms. Stay active with your social media accounts in order to build and maintain relationships with buyers. And, make sharing property information easier with photos, videos and links to more in-depth info. Write, edit and post on the go, with the help of Ginger or Oxessays, which you can download to your mobile device for powerful editing assistance anywhere.

Take some of the stress of the entire home buying experience off your clients by giving them the information they're looking for and making it easier to connect with you. By using these 7 tips, you can help boost your SEO presence, so more traffic is driven to your website and more clients are able to be assisted in the biggest purchase of their lives.