November 14, 2016

6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should be Blogging


"Blogging doesn't cost you a penny...however, ignoring its benefits can cost you plenty"

-Patrick Flynn, Managing Broker The Madrona Group

In today's real estate online marketing arena, there is literally so much an agent and Broker tries to take on to cement their position with potential buyers and sellers, often times, it simply becomes too overwhelming.

Some have made very little effort to enter the online fray or may simply opt for a broker propriety website with IDX in the hopes those potential buyers and sellers will 'magically' visit their site.

Others might avail themselves of the higher cost platforms out there that are strictly geared to lead capture and lead nurture. Both come at a cost and neither offer any guarantee you will actually get a buyer or seller who wants to even work with them.

6 Reasons to do some real estate blogging

Agents and Brokers are always looking for the 'One Thing' to get them the business they want.

Within all these tools and systems lies the one proven model of driving traffic to your site as well as giving agents and Brokers every opportunity to create a resource rich online experience for their visitors!

This powerful model helps easily creates and establishes their legitimate authority to those potential buyers and's called BLOGGING!

Why Don't More Agents and Brokers Blog?

For a fair number of professionals in the real estate industry, BLOG is a 4 letter word! Either they don't, can't or simply won't use the one platform available to them that costs no money, takes less than an hour a week and has the potential to solidify them as the area and/or market expert!

In all our years of doing this, we have discovered the 6 beneficial marketing aspects of why agents/Brokers should blog and how blogging can help your real estate business.

1. Top of Mind Marketing

With the ever increasing 'noise' agents and Brokers have to deal with, it seems to be getting harder and harder being 'that' real estate professional potential buyers and sellers turn to when it's time to buy, sell and invest in real estate.

Blogging on a weekly basis and broadcasting your posts through social media and email campaigns will allow you to stay 'in front' of those folks in your social sphere and database. Your weekly post also opens you and your content up to a possible audience of thousands with just a few hours of work.

Staying committed to offering information rich content keeps folks in the loop and keeps you in their 'line of site'.

2. Permission Marketing

Once you've created a 'readership', you'll likely begin finding folks leaving comments on both your website as well as on your social media platforms.

Essentially, you're looking for that person or persons to grant you the right to talk to them! This offers the agent/Broker the opportunity to engage and respond. This is the first line in Permission Marketing allowing you an invitation to cultivate a potential business relationship.

The second line of Permission Marketing allows you to offer a line of questions to further engage. "What about THIS would you change?" or "How did THAT make you feel?" are ideal means to dig deeper for answers and takes engagement to the next level.

3. Word of Mouth Marketing

At a certain point, your opportunity to engage through blogging should move to "Who do YOU know that is looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate?" Letting folks know that even if they are not in the market to buy or sell, they are invited to let their friends, family and co-workers know about you, your business and your blog.

Even going as far as to offer a 'Thank You' gift or other incentives in your posts to nudge your readers can also get your sphere working on telling folks about you and your services.

4. Return Marketing

Certainly, one of the more powerful aspects of blogging is the fact your post lives on the internet forever.

Take into account the value in a post that gets viewed over and over again via Google searches. Not only do you enjoy ongoing traffic to your site with one post but you are reaching all new potential buyers and sellers year after year...after year!

Your post can surface weeks, months and even years after you wrote it. Keeping your content relevant keeps your potential for Return Marketing alive and well.

5. Resource Marketing

Creating a community driven blog or offering market stats for your particular market is the definition of Resource Marketing and can give you a platform to be the GO TO agent/broker for your sphere.

Now you are taking the art of blogging to the next level! Simply put, to blog about the market or your community requires due diligence and research which can only make you a better resource for potential buyers and sellers at any stage of your real estate business.

6. Authority Marketing

This is where you are able to truly cultivate and establish your position on the internet. With a body of work through your blog posts, visitors are given a clear view of who you are, what you stand for and how you care of your community and business.

Remember, buyers and sellers want to work with a real person...not a robot. When they see how you've created a clear message with vision and purpose, your authority is all but assured.

In our view, the very best thing about Authority Marketing is that you no longer need to explain to potential buyers and sellers why you're the right person to help them with their real estate needs. Now instead of sifting through online lead after online lead, you are now getting contacted by folks who already know your story...and your value!

Get blogging...

Blogging is not easy...but nothing worth-while usually is. And used in tandem with your offline marketing efforts such as farming, networking and open houses, it's a powerful compliment to you and your business when potential buyers and seller come looking for you...not the other way around.