May 03, 2017

5 Mother's Day Email Campaign Ideas for Your Small Business


Mother's Day shoppers spent 21.4 billion in 2016, according to a 2017 shopping analysis. One great way to drive those shoppers to your business is with email marketing, which consistently ranks as one of the highest performing marketing channels for businesses.

Connecting with your customers or clients over a holiday like Mother's Day is bound to get some attention. Whether you're a small business owner looking to get people to come out and shop, or a real estate agent recommending the best restaurants in the area to take mom for brunch or lunch over the weekend, it's the perfect opportunity to connect with your network in a personal way.

To make your emails most effective, make the holiday a centerpiece in one or more of your campaigns this time of year. Here are a few ways to do exactly that while celebrating moms everywhere.

The best Mother's Day Email Campaigns to try this year:

"Our Moms" Campaign

Subject Line: Get our moms' top picks for 20% off!

This campaign idea is great for any retailer. The idea is simple: you share the top picks of your employees' moms and give a Mother's Day discount for those products. You can even accompany each one with a "profile" of the mom who loves it, allowing customers to feel a deeper, more personal connection to the items and your brand.

"Mom's Day Out" Campaign

Subject line: Celebrate Mothers Day in Style

Clothing retailers can boost sales and help moms look their best for Mother's Day with a fun style guide. Use this email to feature your trending spring styles. To boost checkout totals, pair the items into outfits, encouraging subscribers to purchase more than one item for their special outfit. You can even discount items when purchased together versus separately.

"Moms for Charity" Campaign

Subject lines: We're supporting moms around the world--with your help!

A whopping 90 percent of consumers said they're more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference, as reported by Mashable. Use Mother's Day as a chance to show your customers and subscribers that you're one of those companies by partnering with a charity that supports mothers, like Every Mother Counts, Global Fund for Women or a local charity that's close to your heart.

Better yet, instead of partnering with a charity and asking for donations, give a percentage of your total Mother's Day sales to the charity of your choice. People will feel great knowing their purchase will help other mothers in need.

"Free Shipping" Campaign

Subject line: Get Free Shipping Today Only!

Free shipping is a powerful discount: a 2016 study found that 9 out of 10 respondents said free shipping is the number one incentive for shopping online more often. Unleash this discount, for a select number of products or services, such as those compiled in a Mother's Day gift guide. Better yet, make it site- or store-wide for all purchases on Mother's Day or the days leading up to it.

"Last-Minute Shopper" Campaign

Subject line: The Best Last-minute Mother's Day Sale

Like any other major holiday, Mother's Day has its fair share of last-minute shoppers looking for a deal. Use this to your advantage by hosting a sale the day before Mother's Day. Offer reduced or free overnight shipping on orders above a certain dollar amount to sweeten the deal and encourage higher checkout totals.

Email marketing to connect at a personal level

Email marketing is a great way to reach Mother's Day shoppers in the weeks leading up the holiday, all the way up to the big day itself. Use these ideas to encourage purchases, build brand loyalty, and re-connect with customers and clients on a holiday that's important to many people.