December 28, 2011

5 Essential Tools for Email Productivity

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Who doesn't have an email account? In today's day and age, email has become a mandatory feature to have in order to connect with friends, family, your network, and even strangers. People are defined through their email address! Though an email client, such as Gmail or Yahoo, may seem sufficient to connect with your contacts, there are many more options to increase your email productivity through different tools. We've highlighted a few that are absolutely essential to help you connect with your contacts:

    1. Google Labs You can find many useful email tools right from your Gmail account. Find all types of add-ons for Gmail, which can instantly prove helpful for email productivity. Google Labs is part of an experimental setting for Gmail and always has new and innovative tools to increase efficiency within your email. A few favorites include customized keyboard shortcuts for easy email access, canned responses "for those who are truly lazy," and even the ability to play the classic snake game right in your inbox!

    1. AwayFind AwayFind provides you with the chance to be able to stay updated with your most important emails. You can setup phone call reminders, or text messages about urgent emails, or email updates to keep you connected. This simple tool weeds out the unimportant messages, and focus on the ones that matter the most. AwayFind lets you get away from your inbox, and finds you so that you don't have to worry about checking your email every minute of the day.

    1. Boomerang This is a great tool to have for those of you who don't want to seem too eager in replying to emails. Boomerang allows you to setup a certain time for when you want to send an email. You can send it in 1 hour, tomorrow morning, or even next year; in addition, you can also schedule recurring emails, such as birthday wishes. It's an awesome tool to add-on to your email, and even allows for a "Boomerang" feature where you can resend yourself an email at a different time to remind yourself to take action with a contact.

    1. Rapportive Rapportive is an extremely productive tool for email to connect with your contacts on a social level. By adding Rapportive to your Gmail, you are able to benefit from important information about your contact you never knew. Rapportive depicts a full profile of your contact by providing a picture, links to connect with them on their social networks, and even their location directly in your inbox. Another great feature of this tool is that it allows you to leave notes about the contact on your Rapportive side toolbar, and it'll only be visible to you!

    1. Contactually Last, but not least, another essential tool for email productivity is Contactually (you knew it was coming!). Contactually provides a reason to build long-term relationships and notifies you directly in your email to connect with the right person at the right time. It's a great tool to increase your email productivity through automatic reminders for following up with your top priority contacts. A fun feature of Contactually is the Bucket game, where you can categorize your contacts, and then let Contactually take care of the actions for each contact!


There are many more tools out there which may help increase email productivity, but these are a few that may be essential to efficiently connect with your contacts. All of these tools can be used together or separately to develop relationships with your most important contacts. We believe in making the most out of our connections, and hope that these tools will provide you with an effortless approach to build valuable relationships.