October 29, 2017

Lead Conversion Tips & Strategies


The truth about leads is this: you can gather as many of them as you want, through a ton of different methods, but if you aren’t converting them into business, it’s almost as if they were never there at all.  Gathering leads and growing them into real relationships isn’t an overnight process. Having systems and strategies will ensure you are far more successful. Consistency and persistence are the key ingredients here, but there are also some other strategies that you should be employing as well. Let’s take a look at the top ten tips and strategies you can use to convert those leads.

  1. Speed matters. It’s a known fact that the internet has shortened our attentions spans. You have to show up and respond faster than ever. Do you have systems that allow for this? Auto responders, virtual assistants, chatbots – all of these tools are the next best thing to you being in two places at once.
  2. Make it personal. When you do respond, it can’t be with the same old generic info that everyone gets. I don’t want to feel like I’m just another person bothering you – I want to feel important and valued from the start of the conversation to the very end of the transaction.
  3. Know your assets. Systems are super important, but all they are is a group of tools or assets that work together. Using tools that integrate with each other allows you to create a seamless experience for your customers. From your database to your communication platforms to your digital signatures, know what you have in your toolbox, and take advantage of the ways they talk to each other.
  4. Track your results. A step that is often overlooked is tracking what works. Keeping track of where you have success and where you can improve is important. If you don’t know where to spend your time, money, and effort – you may end up spending it in all the wrong ways.
  5. Let them eat cake. Stop making it so hard for your customers to find info. Make it all available. Give them what they want… whether it’s address, price, or your contact details. It’s hard to build a relationship with your leads when you are frustrating them by hiding all the info they really want. Stop doing that.
  6. Stay in touch. This one seems pretty straightforward, but we struggle with it more than maybe all of the others. We give up so easily and stop communicating after one or two attempts. Statistically, it takes an average of 7 touch points to get a conversation going. It takes time to build trust – so stop selling yourself short.
  7. Ask for feedback. Another tip to consider – ask for feedback on the regular. Am I sending the kind of information you need? What else can I do to help? Am I answering the right questions? Don’t be afraid to ask for ways to improve.
  8. Ask better questions. Speaking of questions… you have to get really good at asking qualifying questions. Not yes or no questions, but those that make your customers think and give you some real info on how you can help them. Don’t just ask more questions – ask better questions.
  9. Know “why you?” This is the area that most Realtors struggle. Can you answer this question comfortably? If I were to ask “why should I use you – or any agent, for that matter?” – what would your answer be? It has to be more than “because I am #1.” If you aren’t comfortable answering this question – start here. If you can’t tell me why I should hire you, how will I ever be convinced that you are the right agent for me?
  10. Update your methods. Always be updating your methods and systems. Try new things. Ditch the stuff that isn’t working. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Tried and true is awesome, but be sure to layer in the new and possible.

Each and every one of these strategies reminds you of one thing: it’s not about you. The customer is always the focus. And when the customer is your focus, it’s a much straighter and shorter line from lead to client.