December 17, 2013

3 Best Practices for Team Managers Using Contactually

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Contactually's team features make it incredibly easy for you and your team to share important contact data across your company. They're also great tools to show you where your team is doing well, and where it needs to pick up the pace. Overall, these insights will help increase your team's accountability and raise productivity levels.

However, in order to reap these benefits, you'll first need to ensure that you've properly set your team up on the system. We've compiled these best practices for team managers to help them get the most out of Contactually, both for themselves and for their colleagues.

Before we get started...

...there are a couple of questions that we're frequently asked, so before we delve into set-up and features, we thought it would be best to clear the air.

  • Currently, you can only have one team on Contactually. We expect this to change in 2014 as we continue to evolve our team features.

  • At this time, a Contactually user can only be a part of one team at a time. We expect this to change in 2014 as well.

  • When you click the star symbol next to a contact's name, Contactually will immediately create a follow-up reminder for that contact on the dashboard.

Now that we've set things straight, let's move right on into best practices for team managers.

1. Make use of the team set-up wizard

The team set-up wizard is the best tool that managers can use to quickly set their team up according to their preferences. You can use the team set-up wizard to:

  • name your team

  • set contact data and communication history sharing settings

  • set up buckets for your team

  • invite colleagues to join your team

  • and handle team payment information.

PRO TIP: Make sure that all of your team's shared buckets have the same names. You can do this by keeping all team members' buckets the same as yours, or by selecting a default set of buckets that all team members will have in their accounts. This will make it much easier to view your aggregated shared contacts when using the Team Dashboard to do so.

Make sure all of your team buckets have the same names for optimal views.


2. Assign leads and contacts to team members

Contactually's team features make it easy to distribute and assign leads to your team members as they come into your database. Just follow these easy instructions to assign leads to your teammates.

  • As leads come into your database, distribute them to the appropriate team member using the ASSIGN function.

  • When you assign a lead to a team member, only that team member will receive follow-up reminders for that contact, even if other colleagues have that contact in a bucket set with follow-up reminders. This is a great way to promote true ownership of the relationship.

  • Using the ASSIGN function will automatically create an "Assigned" bucket in each team member's account.

PRO TIP: Have your teammates treat their "Assigned" bucket as an inbox of sorts -- a temporary housing location that they use until they figure out where that contact belongs in their database. Once your colleagues have an understanding of what type of lead they're dealing with based on their initial qualification conversations, they can move the contact into the most appropriate bucket.


3. Motivate your team members

This last best practice is pretty fun, and allows you to be creative while inspiring a fun competitive atmosphere for your team. You can use the relationship grade on the Dashboard in order to inspire some healthy competition amongst your team. At Contactually, we kick off our weekly meetings by announcing that week's President -- in this case, the team member who has the highest relationship grade. The President gets to lead the meeting, and also gets to keep a pretty sweet snow globe on his or her desk for the week.

What are your favorite best practices for team managers? Do you have any great contest ideas that we can all use to boost productivity and drive across our teams? Tweet us @Contactually or let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

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