November 13, 2013

15 Statistics Every Realtor Should Know

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There's a big shift going on in the real estate market: social media and websites have more emphasis and importance than ever before. So what's a real estate agent to do? Where are they supposed to spend their time and efforts? Hopefully, with these 15 statistics (courtesy of ActiveRain and Properties Online), you'll be able to get a deeper insight as to what you should be doing going forward. Here's a good one: because 93% of social media web traffic for Realtors comes from Facebook, it's SUPER IMPORTANT to have your site listed there. Simple enough, right? Check 'em out below!

(We've updated this list of realtor statistics for 2015 -- Check it out! And we've updated it for 2016 as well -- Take a look here!)

The #1 source of business for Realtors is referrals from past clients.

74% of clients will give you a referral if you stay in touch.

42% of all new buyers come from a referral.

70% of buyers and 75% of sellers found their Real Estate agent on the internet.

51% of agents on average use a CRM.

60% of buyers Googled their future agent.

74% of sellers used social media to find their agent.

Realtors earning over $100K/year are nearly 2 times more likely to use a CRM (60%) than those earning under $35K/year (34%)

90% of buyers look for a new house online. More than the number that go to an agent.

42% of buyers found their new house online.

More and more people look for houses online every year, while those that look using any other medium is holding steady or decreasing.

Multimedia is more important than ever. 84% of buyers find photos very helpful when looking for a house.

100% of buyers said that their agents response time was important.

93% of social media traffic comes from Facebook.

Mobile traffic now accounts for 30% of the total traffic to Real Estate sites.

Did you come away with anything that can help you out? Or do you know any other stats that we might have missed? Drop it in the comments below!