January 26, 2012

10 Tips to Engage People and Gain Followers on Twitter

In the business marketing world making sure you are connected and present in every popular social media outlet is key. However, the whole "Twitter craze" is relatively new, and understanding how to use it effectively to further your business can be tricky. Unfortunately, updating your status with all your random daily thoughts may not be enough to gain a following, or at least not the professional following that will grow your business. To help ease you into the twitter movement, here are 10 tips for new-comers.

  1. Tweet useful facts or tips - An interesting and unique fact or tip will surely spark your followers interest and can lead to compelling conversation.

  2. Retweet - Retweeting is a form of acknowledgement. It is a good way to get others to notice you and begin making connections.

  3. Respond to other's tweets - Whether it is a question or a comment, tweeters will always appreciate a response. This is a great way to engage in conversation with a client or contact.

  4. Respond to anything that grabs your attention -Responding to a tweet with sincerity shows that you care about what others have to say.

  5. Follow your colleagues - Twitter being a more personal forum will allow you to find out more about your colleagues as people and form better relationships with them on and off the web.

  6. Give new followers a personal welcome - This will show that you care about getting to know them better. You can do this on the public twitter feed or in a direct message.

  7. Attend twitter events - Remember to introduce yourself to everyone and, if applicable, follow up with a few other attendees after the event. You may meet new people with similar interests.

  8. Ask followers for help - Most tweeters want to engage in conversation. Utilize this and pose your questions, you may get some insightful feedback.

  9. Say thank you - A thank you isalways appreciated and will open doors to cordial conversation.

  10. Promote blog posts - If you want quick feedback on your blogs or more readers, tweet about them!

Using Twitter effectively is difficult but crucial in this day and age. Following these tips and putting your personality into it will help you create twitter relationships and expand your contacts.