February 22, 2017

10 Technologies and Tools for Real Estate Blogs


Today's technology has simplified our lives beyond belief, creating ample opportunities for budding business men and women to make it big in the industry. Technology has leveled the playing field, opening the door for more and more people to enter a market. From manufacturing to travel to retail, every sector has been revolutionized. 

This change is good news for real estate agents! New tech platforms now make it easier than ever to grow your network and manage your operations. Furthermore, armed with the right tech tools, agents have now ventured out in the virtual platform to attract more customers and grow their businesses. One of the main ways to succeed in this is by creating an engaging blog, and driving traffic to it. That's why we've put together our picks of the top 10 tools and technologies that can boost the performance of online real estate blogs. 

10 Tools for real estate blogs:

10. Boomerang:

Boomerang is a tool for Gmail users who want to keep track of the important emails and manage their cluttered inbox. It helps you compose an email, schedule the time when it should be sent, and notify you in the case that you receive a lead from that email. Setting up the Boomerang email scheduling tool allows you to plan out your email newsletter in advance, boosting your efficiency, and ensuring that the messages are being sent at optimal times of day. 

9. DocuSign:

Real estate work involves a lot of documentation and paperwork that can be really cumbersome to manage, especially when multiple people have to sign-off on something. This is where DocuSign solves a significant pain point. It facilitates digital signatures, and integrates with the major CRM systems allowing you to save the documents on cloud storage, eliminating the need for any hard copy filing. This simplifies data storing and document retrieval considerably. An effective, reliable and responsive tool, DocuSign helps in exchanging documents and retrieving past records with just the click of a button.

8. Evernote:

The complicated calculations of a real estate transaction can be a major difficulty for real estate agents. Luckily, Evernote offers a variety of tools within one platform that can help with everything from tracking expenses to calculating mortgages. A great platform to store all your tax files, documents and client information, Evernote offers cloud storage facilities at very minimum charges (about $5 a month). From old receipts to important deals, you can manage it all here.

7. Google analytics:

Google analytics (GA) offers the potential to be every web user's best friend! Its services are available to anyone who has a website or blog. GA helps you analyze the market, track your traffic, and actually collect all the data about your viewers, logging everything from demographic info to how they discovered your page. Installing Google Analytics is easy and helps you organize your online traffic, allowing you to convert leads into prospective customers. 

6. Mailchimp:

From delivering large-scale campaigns, to collecting user information, to tracking readers' activities, Mailchimp does it all! Once you've got a list of prospective clients, you can then easily segment them and send out targeted emails or recurring newsletters. A great marketing tool for real estate agents who want to reach their audience more effectively, Mailchimp saves a lot of time and effort.

5. Zapier:

Zapier is a technology that helps you manage all your marketing tools at one place. It connects your different tools, allowing you to automate several tasks that you may currently be doing manually. Within Zapier you can create "Zaps" which are automated workflows that consist of various triggers and actions. For example, if you want a newly acquired email address from your Facebook Lead Ads to automatically be added to a Mailchimp list, and then send them a predetermined email, you can easily set that up within Zapier.

4. Leadpages and Leadsites:

Lead pages and sites, as the names suggest, help you in generating and collecting new online leads. Three common types of landing pages that real estate agents can utilize to capture interest and information are:

    • Free home valuation

    • Free buyer guide

    • Free seller guides

These freebies offer informative content to users interested in making a real estate transaction. Generally, these landing pages get the highest responses, as you're offering something of value in exchange for their contact info. This helps you to create a warm audience to bring in to your CRM system. 

3. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a favorite of both budding and established bloggers, who use the platform to display their work. From DIY projects, to articles of interest, to real estate deals, you can promote it all here! Websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest offer a wide range of customizable tools that help you present your content in an appealing way. Not only that, but Pinterest can even help you build connections in the real estate business!

2. Buffer:

Frequently posting on social media is fundamental to creating a strong digital presence; however, as a real estate professional you're not always available to pull together a post for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Enter Buffer. Buffer is one tool that comes in handy here, as it will post pre-crafted tweets and posts on your social media accounts. You can create posts beforehand and let Buffer post them at a set time later. This enhances the visibility of your blog and helps in efficient time management as well.

1. Google Forms:

Google Forms offer an easy way to receive valuable customer feedback so that you can continue to improve your service. Through the easy-to-use platform you can create questionnaires and surveys that will help you garner valuable opinions or suggestions that can be game-changers for your business. You can even use Rafflecopter for giving incentives as well, improving the response rate of your Forms. This can also be a great way to get customer reviews to post on your website!

Best technologies to boost real estate business

Beyond our Top 10, here are some additional real estate solutions that could be useful to your business.

    • SVNConnect - A cross-platform, multi-functional tool offering users an extensive database for storing contacts and important documents.

    • Real Capital Analytics - A service that provides you with the total picture of the international real estate market, helping you keep up with the latest trends around the globe.