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[RECAP] #REAL2018 Virtual Conference

On Tuesday, December 12th, we introduced #REAL2018: a full free virtual conference with 11 sessions, 22 speakers, and hours worth of free real estate marketing education. Please enjoy content from a “who’s who” of real estate innovators, leaders, experts, coaches, technologists, and trainers.

10 - Remarkable Customer Service

Some of our best memories are of remarkable customer service experiences. Marketing used to be simple; If you were a business, you told people about your product or service, and that was basically your marketing strategy. It’s a little more complicated these days. The internet allows your customers to not ...

9 - Effective Delegation

Often our to-do lists become a big messy pile because we struggle with effectively delegating. The truth is that unless we can master delegation, our business will suffer. Deciding what to not to do in your business is as important as deciding what to do. We cannot possibly be good ...

8 - Farming Best Practices

Farming and Real estate have a lot in common. You are probably familiar with the concept of planting and growing seeds. Real Estate Farming is no different. Real Estate farming means choosing one area of your city and focusing your marketing in that area. You “farm” that area – planting ...

7 - Lead Generation & Conversion for Teams

Managing a team comes with a whole set of systems and complexities that we have to balance. Lead generation is a huge part of that. But more importantly, what are we doing to turn those leads into business? We all know, It’s much easier to double your business by doubling ...

6 - Lead Systems for Teams

Generating and converting leads into relationships is a key part of our business, and for many of us, we aren’t in this alone – we are working with a team. As the great Babe Ruth said, “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have ...

5 - Creating Systems

Running a business and keeping track of all the moving parts can sometimes feel overwhelming. Anyone else feel like they are drowning in their to-do list sometimes? The truth is, building a business that runs like a well-oiled machine is a matter of having a whole bunch of systems that ...

4 - Lead Conversion Tips & Strategies

The truth about leads is this: you can gather as many of them as you want, through a ton of different methods, but if you aren’t converting them into business, it’s almost as if they were never there at all. Gathering leads and growing them into real relationships isn’t an ...

3 - Creating Content Of Value

Let’s face it , whether we call ourselves “agents” or “REALTORS” or “real estate professionals,” one thing is certain - we are all marketers. Our goal is to continually get our message out to a broad audience in creative and interesting ways. This means we have to continually be creating ...

2 - Segmenting Your Database

In this industry, we spend a ton of effort building an audience. People who will see our marketing, pay attention, and tell others about us. Our goal is to continue to build a strong database of raving fans and obviously, potential customers. The problem is, once we have those audience ...