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CRM Tools: Getting the Most Out of Your Software

Customer relationship management tools can transform a disorganized real estate agency into a thriving operation. But navigating the decisions that come with adopting new software can be confusing and tedious. How effective your CRM tools become is dependent on whether you truly know how to use them. Choose Wisely.

Don't Make These 3 CRM Mistakes

Seventy-one percent of real estate agents use some type of customer relationship management system (CRM), and more than two-thirds of them use this technology to keep in touch with their contacts. Still, a good chunk of realtors, agents and brokers are making the same errors -- ones that could jeopardize sales and revenue. Usually, it's not the technology that's the problem but the end user..

5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate CRM More Effective

A powerful CRM package can help you to track, manage and scrutinize all your customer interactions. In doing so, you can gain useful insights that could lead to new sales opportunities. You can also improve the level of service you deliver -- but only if you're using the CRM package to its fullest.

3 Ways the Right CRM Software Will Improve Your Brand Identity

When it comes to your business's growth and success, brand identity and customer relationships go hand in hand. After all, the way clients and leads view your brand depends on how you manage your relationship with them.

How To Use A CRM To Get More Real Estate Leads

"A CRM does more than keep you organized and in touch with current clients. If you’re in real estate, you’re likely harvesting leads for your listings from all over. There are tons of third-party portals, social media accounts, and even referrals from family and friends that you need to keep track of, follow up on, and convert. Find out more.

Real Estate CRM Tools to Personalize Process and Nurture Leads

Nurturing prospects is also a crucial part of keeping your business healthy and growing, but in the chaos of closing deals, those valuable contacts can slip between the cracks. Real estate customer relationship management software helps maintain and deepen those connections.

DIY Integrations: Using Zapier to Connect Contactually with Other Services

Contactually is all about helping you maximize the value of your relationships in an effective and efficient way. One way to achieve that goal is to connect other parts of your workflow to Contactually, to automate processes and to ensure that nothing gets dropped as you move between systems. ...

A Nice Person’s Networking Guide

Dave Delaney is a networking guru. He teaches digital marketing, social media strategy, and business networking. Dave is a keynote speaker and author of the book New Business Networking. He has a course and platform, called Networking for Nice People, that helps nice people get into networking. He wants to remove the sleazy feeling that people often get when they are networking.

Top Tips from Networking Expert Ivan Misner

Ivan Misner has been called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and one of the “Top Networking Experts to Watch” by Forbes. He joins me on Real Relationships to talk about networking and building relationships. Dr. Misner is a business networking expert and has been a keynote speaker all ...

4 Vital Questions to Ask When Choosing a CRM Solution

Choosing the best CRM for your organization can be challenging when there are a variety of options and best practices to consider. One of the most crucial decisions you'll have to make is whether to go with an "all-in-one" CRM or "best-in-class" CRM. Learn more about the difference here.