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How Can You Rise Above a Crowded Market and Attract the Right Customers?

My guest today is Jeffrey Shaw, photographer, public speaker, serial entrepreneur and author of the new book Lingo: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible. Jeffrey is here to show us how we can rise above the noise in a crowded market and attract the right customers.

What Is a Real Estate Referral Agent?

Nearly everyone knows what a real estate agent does, but not as many people are aware of what a real estate referral agent does, or why they might seek one out. However, being a real estate referral agent can be a lucrative way of earning income in the real estate business and, in fact, there are some agents that make a living off being a referral agent. In most situations a good referral agent can create a win-win-win situation between the listing agent, the client, and the referral agent.

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Accounting

Complex transactions and state regulations can make real estate accounting seem overwhelming. If not done properly, accounting can lead to significant complications that can cost you time and money. However, by establishing a robust accounting system and process, understanding the regulations, and keeping your books up-to-date you can become a master of RE Accounting.

Top Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2018

With the recent boom in real estate tech, there are now innumerable real estate platforms and apps available. But, you need to be sure the tech you're investing in actually helps your operation and doesn't end up complicating things instead. Here are the real estate apps used by top agents in 2018.

What Are the Benefits of Email Newsletters?

Studies have shown that 93 percent of internet users have indicated that they'd rather receive brand information in their email inbox versus their social media feed. By connecting with people where they want to be reached, email newsletters can be a very powerful, ROI-positive marketing technique when used effectively.

What Is the Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation?

In real estate, any company looking for sustained growth needs to have both a strong CRM platform and a robust Marketing Automation system. While there is some overlap between these two systems, they are very different in terms of who uses each one and the tasks that each system supports.

Real Estate Accounting: 3 Mistakes That Have Brought Agents Down

The complex regulations and transactions of the real estate industry can make real estate accounting quite complicated. However, by gaining an understanding of the common mistakes to avoid, you can alter your accounting practices to eliminate potential roadblocks and keep your business growing smoothly. In this article we outline 3 common mistakes to be aware of.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that can include everything from keeping your customers up-to-date with the latest company news, to promoting a special offer. This affordable, personalized, powerful marketing platform allows you to reach your audience where they want to be reached and - when used effectively - can deliver a very strong ROI.

What Is the Difference Between CRM and ERP?

Customers are the backbone of your business, and for that reason you've got to be able to reach them and nurture your relationship with them to keep your business growing. Being able to manage these relationships requires organized, well-established business processes. Two of these processes are CRM and ERP, which we breakdown here.

How to Become a Part-Time Real Estate Agent

If you have a passion for real estate, becoming a part-time real estate agent is not only a great way to live your dream, it is also a great way supplement your current income! Furthermore, it is a common practice for people who are currently making the switch to real ...