Contactually is Joining Compass

February 2019

Contactually and Compass are Joining Forces, the Next Step in Contactually’s Story. Press release.

It isn't every day that you find an organization that is as passionate and driven to create a great user experience as we are, and after a year of partnering with Compass to help build the Compass CRM we thought to ourselves, "Wait a second...what if we joined forces to create a more stellar product for agents?" By bringing together our collective IQ on research, data-driven insights, product engagement, and customer experience we are looking forward to continuing to build a product that deepens the user experience.

Here's why we're excited to become a part of Compass:

Empowering Entrepreneurs— as we collaborate on what users are looking for in a CRM we can build to future-proof a platform for their needs.
Building the Future of Real Estate — as we combine our research methodologies we can gain more insights into user needs and use that to inform our strategies.
Strategic Partnership — designing and building the future of tech is no small feat and combining our knowledge, expertise, passion, and drive into one collaborative space will allow us to grow and better serve users well into future.

Why are we doing this now?

Tech is always evolving and the CRM landscape is ever-changing. We want to ensure that we are well positioned to work on the bleeding edge of this industry in a meaningful way so that we aren't missing a step in delivering the best product to users.