Quickly extend your outreach efforts.

Send up to 50 bulk messages at a time and 300 per day.

Target and nurture your fading relationships.

Sort by your fading relationships then simply send them a note to reconnect.

Never sacrifice your personal touch.

Easily customize each email to fit your relationships needs.

Mass messaging that gives your contacts the attention they deserve.

Your contact’s inboxes are already overflowing with emails — to stand out in the inbox clutter, you need to take an alternate approach to nurturing your relationships. With ScaleMail you can personalize and stay relevant with all of your communications at scale. Give your relationships the proper attention they deserve, even when sending a bulk message.


Grow multiple relationships at once with a lot less effort than sending follow-up after follow-up — start your trial.

Increase your influence.

Stay top of mind with less work.

It’s tough staying connected as your network grows. New relationships can take precedent while old ones start to slip through the cracks. If you’ve noticed some of your relationships fading away, it’s easy to reconnect with them via ScaleMail.  Select multiple fading contacts or choose an entire Bucket to message. With a few simple clicks, you’ll be at the top of your contact’s inboxes. Combine several of Contactually’s features to be even more efficient. Use ScaleMail with Email Templates to autofill text fields, and you’ll have emails that are personal and powerful.

Stay personal.

Make each recipient feel special.

Bulk messaging is an obvious way to get exposure with a lot of people. It’s a great resource when you want to share a newsletter or an update to a large group. With ScaleMail, you can reach more people with a more intimate feel. Custom fields and dynamic tokens help keep your message targeted. You can even click on each individual message to further personalize. Add a simple note or alter a few small words and your mass message will feel like a one-to-one email from you.

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