Visualize your processes in a simple way.

An easy way for you to view every stage of your business processes and stay aligned with your opportunities.

Keep track of your prospects and leads.

Find the value within your processes. Follow visual cues to advance opportunities and drive in revenue.

Get a glimpse of "the whole picture."

Understand how your network affects your bottom line and monitor how close you are to meeting business goals.

The guide to mapping your network’s value.

Pipelines offer the easiest way to track opportunities. Map your business processes stage by stage to get a quick glimpse of where the potential is.

Try Pipelines today – and discover the value within your network.

Deal or No Deal?

Easily keep tabs on which leads come to fruition.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the value that’s come and gone. No matter which stage your prospects are in, you can view your activity and predict potential revenue. With Pipelines drag and drop any of your prospects to a “Deal Won” or “Deal Lost” tab, and you’ll be on your way to tracking and meeting your goals.

Your network’s value add.

Relationships aren’t always about numbers…

Building relationships isn’t a numbers game, but discovering value is. With Pipelines, assign an estimated value for any contact. Imagine you’ve got a $15,000 contract coming in from your lead. Attach the value to the relationship and you can map it’s progress within your Pipeline. When the contract goes through, you’ll know exactly which stage this happened.

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Map your network's value.

Start using Pipelines and discover how you can visualize your business processes.