Divide and conquer even the biggest obstacles.

Contactually’s assignment features make it easy to distribute groups of contacts and delegate tasks to different team members.

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Get status and make changes in seconds.

Filtering and bulk change controls make assignment simple. See anyone’s assigned contacts or tasks with one click.

How to make bulk changes.

Notifications keep your team members up to speed.

Contactually’s notifications system lets users know as soon as they’re assigned a new contact or task.

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Simple, common-sense tools for managing your team’s assignments.

Even small teams can quickly amass a huge collection of leads, prospects, prior clients, and other important contacts. With Contactually, keeping track of not just these contacts, but the people on your team who are responsible for them is simple.


Once you’ve tried Contactually’s assignment tools, you’ll never want to go back to life without them. Here’s how they work.

Bring order to your team’s contact database.

Lots of contacts for your team to track? Not a problem.

Contactually’s built-in contact assignment features take the frustration out of collaborative relationship management. Simply assign any contact — or group of contacts — to someone on your team, and they’ll receive a notification that they’re responsible for the relationship.

Once you've assigned some contacts to a few team members, it's easy to instantly filter your contact list by assignment. That makes it easy to assess performance, or re-assign entire groups of contacts to different people.

Why assign contacts?

Properly assigned contacts reduce duplicative effort, help team members take ownership, and eliminate the awkward, unprofessional interactions that result from too many people reaching out to the same relationship. Plus, assigning contacts is fast and easy in Contactually; you can quickly triage and distribute hundreds of new contacts in a few minutes with our bulk change controls.

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Task Assignments

Manage and delegate duties across the team.

Daily tasks are forever changing. Teams take on many roles and duties and things tend to get lost in between. It’s hard to stay synchronized and know what “to-do’s” have been completed, and what’s left to be dealt with. Task assignments take the guessing out of who needs to do what.

Easily appoint members of your team with specific duties which coincide with contacts in the database. Team members are instantly notified when assigned a task. View any contact profile to identify who has been assigned a task, and alleviate any confusion or overlap.

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The easier way to manage your team.

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