The Dashboard

Everything you need to do your daily outreach in one place.

The Contactually Dashboard is a great place to start your day. You’ll see your recommended follow-ups, today’s calendar events, and any upcoming tasks in a single place. In just a few minutes, you can reach out to key contacts, review previous interactions, and note any offline interactions (meetings, calls, etc.) — all without leaving the Dashboard.

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Organize, track, and interact with key relationships.

Buckets are an easier system for contact management. They make it seamless to stay on top of the different kinds of contacts and relationships in your network. You can set custom Reminder Timers for different Buckets, or attach unique integrations and automated Programs.  Bucketing contacts is fast, intuitive, and with our built-in Bucket Game…actually kind of fun.

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Mass outreach with a personal touch.

Scalemail is perfect for contacting small groups who deserve more attention than a canned newsletter. Simply select the people you want to contact (by bucket, or individually), and construct your message. You can include a variety of pre-set or custom mail-merge-style tokens to personalize your email, or manually customize what any single recipient receives. It’s the best way to send personal communication at scale.

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Teach Contactually to do the hard work for you.

Programs allow you to set off a customized sequence of actions — from sending template-based follow-ups, to following on social networks or creating tasks. You can even automatically run programs for certain buckets, or require certain steps to be manually authorized by you from the Dashboard before they trigger. With Programs, it’s easy to regulate even relatively complex business development workflows, and never miss a step.

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Email Templates

Take the work out of writing great follow-ups.

Contactually’s powerful Email Template system takes the repetition and drudgery out of everyday communication. Create templates for every possible scenario, using pre-set or custom tokens for personalization, or take advantage of our massive template library. Once you find or design the right template, attach it to a Program to streamline your daily routine even more.

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Stay on top of the revenue inside your network.

With Pipelines, tracking the status and value of the business that’s tied to your relationships is easy. Simply create a Pipeline, identify the different stages, and start adding potential deals to it. Every deal is attached to one or more contacts, so you can quickly visualize your sales pipeline, and trace potential deals to the influencers and decision makers they depend on. It’s a great way to stay on top of your business development efforts as they happen, and take the action needed to move them along.

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Contactually makes the most of the tools you use every day.

Unlike bulky CRMs, Contactually doesn’t need you to migrate a bunch of data. Instead, you simply connect your Gmail, Outlook, or IMAP-based email accounts and calendars with the click of a button. Plus, Contactually only connects you to your data — we don’t store any of it, so you don’t have to worry about someone having your private communication. We even offer built-in integration with services like MailChimp and Zapier, or anything you can build with our open API.



Instantly assess the relationship health and Contactually activity of everyone on your team.

With Contactually’s Insights screen, you’re never more than a few clicks away from seeing the size, health, and composition of your networks, or those of your team. With a simple, highly visual interface, outliers and trends are immediately visible… and you don’t have to run a bunch of complicated reports to figure out what’s going on.

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Divide and conquer even the biggest collections of contacts, and get more from your team.

Contactually’s built-in contact assignment features take the frustration out of collaborative relationship management. Properly assigned contacts reduce duplicative effort, help team members take ownership, and eliminate the awkward, unprofessional interactions that result from too many people reaching out to the same relationship.

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