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You don't need to know a million people, just the right people. See how Contactually and Book Yourself Solid help you get more clients.

Michael Port here.

Let me start by saying this: Thank you for giving me and the good people at Contactually an opportunity to be of service to you. We’ll never take it for granted and we’ll work hard, very hard, to help you succeed.

As you may know, I’m the author of 6 books, including: Book Yourself Solid, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, The Think Big Manifesto, and Steal the Show.

A lot of my writing is about building relationships of trust with influencers and buyers because you can do a lot more with others than you can alone.

You want to get booked solid or sell more or get your ideas funded, right?

In order to do that, you need other people to hire you and/or send you business. We’re going to help make that happen.

Not only do we give you the brilliantly easy software for organizing your contacts, leads, buyers and others, to make sure you stay in close content with them, we show you how to do it: what to say and when to say it.

My Book Yourself Solid networking strategies and tactics are built into your custom edition of Contactually so you know exactly how to follow up with each opportunity each day.

The Book Yourself Solid proven protocols plus Contactually’s sophisticated technology give you unparalleled power to do big things.

Contactually Dashboard

See all of your daily follow-up reminders and actions on your Contactually Dashboard and know exactly who you need to follow up with each day.

Track your relationship building progress with weekly statistics and your relationship grade so you know exactly where you stand.

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Contact Management

With Contactually, the days of manual data entry are long gone. When you sign up for Contactually, you’ll directly connect your email, social media profiles and smartphone to our platform. This allows Contactually to automatically generate your contact database without any manual entry on your side.

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Article Sharing

It’s a great networking practice to share content based on your contacts’ personal and professional interests. Use Contactually to start a meaningful conversation by easily sharing valuable articles, videos and more with your network.

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Influence your network and elevate your thought leadership with Contactually’s IntroMaker tool. Easily connect like-minded contacts to spark new, mutually beneficial relationships and grow your network.

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