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Contactually helps your employees easily identify, follow-up with, and close key opportunities.

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All the benefits of a CRM, with none of the hassle.

Contactually gives sales teams the best of both worlds... the CRM-like features they need to organize prospects and generate new leads, with the simple user interface and one-click email and calendar integration they want. It's the fastest, smartest way to turn low performers into high performers, and high performers into all-stars.

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Keep your sales teams focused on selling.

Focus on follow-ups, not technical training.

Contactually makes everyday tasks simpler & easier. Take the challenge out of follow-up, with a simple, powerful system for managing who to talk to, and when to do it.   

Scale your best practices instantly.

Distributing content and intelligence is easy. No matter how you want your team to work, Contactually can model it with a combination of powerful Templates, Programs, and Pipelines that keeps every team member on track and up to speed.

Manage and track your team the right way.

Admins can assign contacts, analyze results, and more. Contactually is built for teams, with simple, beautiful reporting through its Insights feature, and easy-to-use tools for assigning (and re-assigning) groups of contacts.

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Go beyond just "reporting" with Contactually Insights.

Reports are great, but what you're probably really after is visibility into how your team is operating. Who's performing? Who's falling behind? And what's the trend over time?


Contactually's Insights feature gives you all of that, without the need to configure complicated reports or browse endless rows of stats. See what's going on with your team immediately, anytime you want.

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Assign contacts to your team through Contactually, and never lose track of a prospect again.

Team administrators can divvy up hundreds of leads, prospects, and other key relationships with just a few clicks, and Contactually's notification system means team members will always be up to speed with their assignments.


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Contactually is built around whatever makes your business successful.  

Every business is different -- that's why Contactually is easy to tailor to your people, your processes, and your business goals. So whether you're a recruiting firm tightening up your day-to-day routine, or a traditional sales team closing million dollar deals, if it's about relationships, Contactually can help you do it better

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Content, training, and expertise built just for you.

Worried about how to get started? Don't be. Every team account has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who's trained help you figure out the best way to get the results you're looking for with Contactually.

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