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Centralized CRM platform

With an enterprise agreement, all agents are placed on a common instance of Contactually under a central payer and administrator. As the administrator, you can create and share standard, brokerage-specific email templates and action plans, and you can view the activity levels of participating agents. You have a dedicated account manager to ensure the brokerage and individual agents achieve a high return on investment.
  • Ability to pre-populate accounts with brokerage-specific content
  • Ability to disseminate additional brokerage-specific content over time via administration of a brokerage-specific library of email templates, programs (workflow action plans), and pipelines
  • Insight into agent activity levels
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Onboarding and training sessions
  • Central administrator and payer with the option to charge back to agents
  • Discount based on volume of users

"In the first two months of using Contactually as a brokerage, Key Partners saw a 25% increase of leads at a company level."

David Conderman

Best practice training program

Contactually enables you to “hardwire” the desired behaviors into your agents’ daily activities. Working with your training team, we co-create a training program around best practices in relationship management. Contactually is tailored to your specific sales methodology, and we customize email templates and action plans to your processes. Agents apply your training using the workflow found in Contactually. You have the option to pay for Contactually or have your agents pay centrally on an opt-in basis.
  • One-time ability to pre-populate accounts with brokerage-specific content
  • Training sessions co-hosted by Contactually and tailored to brokerage-specific sales methodology and content
  • Central administrator and payer with the option to charge back to agents
  • Discount based on volume of users

"...Contactually worked really hard with us to ensure there would be a smooth transition, seamless service, and high levels of adoption because of the ease of the product."

Alyssa Hellman

Endorsed offering at a discount

At your request, Contactually conducts an educational webinar on relationship management and demonstrates those practices within Contactually. Any agents who wish to trial and purchase Contactually following the webinar will be offered a 10% discount.
  • Discovery webinar highlighting relationship management best practices within Contactually
  • Individual payer per account
  • One-time discount for agents who trial and signup after the webinar

"...we needed to ensure agents would be excited about this opportunity. The process was executed flawlessly...and [I] would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in boosting their SOI book of business."

Aman Daro

Partner with Contactually

Contactually’s team of Relationship Marketing experts are ready to work with your brokerage to help train and educate your agents on the best practices and strategies in real estate. We’ll ensure your brokerage is developing top performing agents who are creating long-lasting relationships that continue to drive repeat and referral business.

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Partner with Contactually

Contactually will work hand-in-hand with your brokerage to ensure your agents are trained for success.