Bringing powerful new tools to teachers, one school at a time

Edusight is a Toronto-based company working to give K-12 teachers simple, powerful tools that enable them to make better decisions in the classroom. The task of finding new users, building key partnerships, and ultimately closing new deals falls to Garros Li, the company’s President and co-founder. But with so much to do (Edusight is a relatively young and rapidly growing business), staying on top of Edusight’s many long-term opportunities became a real challenge. Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards gave him basic visualizations of different opportunities, but were unreliable and without context.

“I felt super disorganized. I didn’t know who I was dealing with, and what stage they were at. At the beginning with only a few clients it was easy to manage, but when we started to work with 50 or even 100 clients, it got completely out of hand.”

Enter Contactually — and more specifically, Pipelines. Contactually’s built-in sales tracking tool is the main draw for Garros, and since late 2014 he’s been using it to help close long-term leads and grow Edusight’s business.

"In the past, I would have to go in email and try to remember everything about the deal. Contactually brings that all in one spot."

Garros Li, Edusight

Why Pipelines work for Edusight

Contactually helps you stay in touch with the people that matter to you, and that means different things to different users. For Garros, it’s one thing and one thing only — potential customers in Edusight’s sales pipeline. Rather than trying to stay in touch with an entire network of contacts, Garros uses Contactually to zero in on these prospects with a combination of Pipelines (for reminders and tracking) and Scalemail (for mail merge style small group messaging).

garros (2)

So how does it help? Edusight recently closed a deal with a charter school, with 600 teachers and 11,000 students on the system. It was a big, complicated deal with four main stakeholders involved, and with Contactually, Garros was able to connect all four of them to the deal.

“Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of who you need to deal with for a given deal, and Contactually brought all of that info in one spot. It made it easy to keep track of.”

For Garros, using Pipelines made these kinds of long-term, slower-developing deals a snap to manage — he simply drags and drops different deals into their correct stages, and pulls up relevant interaction history whenever he needs it.

“Literally right before a meeting was going to start, I’d pull up the deal and see all the context of any previous conversations.  In the past, I would have to go in email and try to remember everything about the deal.  Contactually brings that all in one spot.”

Small team, big progress

While Pipelines are the center of Edusight’s Contactually plan, there’s a bit more to it than that — they’re managing post-conference communication with potential relationships with a Bucket for each event, and coordinated ScaleMail campaigns targeted at each.

Edusight has big aspirations for a young company. Thanks in part to Contactually, they’re able to track, engage, and ultimately close the kinds of deals they’ll need to take their business to the next level.

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Edusight closes new business with Contactually.

Whether you're tracking existing deals in your Pipeline like Garros, or trying to squeeze more value out of the relationships you already have, there's a way to do it more effectively in Contactually.

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