When companies look to grow their brand and their business — they turn to Sisarina

“A brand is a feeling, the thing inside that helps people understand who you really are. The goal is to elicit an emotion so the customer doesn’t feel as if they’re just buying something.” At Sisarina, Melanie Spring helps guide the brand strategy for entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike. With a budding team of entrepreneurs, contractors, employees and partners it’s increasingly difficult to build and manage the authentic relationships that drive Sisarina.

The team is continuously thinking about how a brand is represented — from the way a business answers the phone, to the thank you notes left for clients, “we’re focused on how companies can rock their brand by being consistent.” With such an integral part of any business placed in the sure hands of the Sisarina team they turn to Contactually for the support they need. “We have a commitment, and Contactually plays a HUGE part in the process.”

”Context is King. Contactually takes all of the data we gather in business….and paints a bigger picture.”

Melanie Spring

Relationships and branding strategy

Brand strategy is all about relationships — partner to partner, customer to company, person to person. When relationships are so valuable at the core of the business and it’s success, Melanie uses Contactually to ensure all of her communications and engagements are authentic and personalized. “Context is King, Contactually takes all of the data we gather in business – the contacts, the content, the pipeline – and paints a bigger picture. We have our finger on the pulse of our networks and can connect with them in meaningful ways with a few programmable actions.”

Melanie’s Approach

Melanie and the Sisarina team thrive on relationships and building quality long-lasting partnerships. Melanie uses Contactually’s introductions tool to MelanieSpring_approachsave hours with networking, while adding value to her relationships and forging new partnerships.

“Instantaneous introductions, impactful scaleMail, and pipeline development, oh my! Contactually puts the human-to-human back into the cold, data-driven world of CRMs. You can still automate your business processes without losing sight of the reason that you started your business in the first place: your relationships with people.”

”Contactually puts the human-to-human back into the cold, data-driven world of CRMs.”

Melanie Spring

Building the relationships that drive your business

When building a brand is about the emotional connection you develop with your customers, Melanie turns to Contactually to accomplish just that. Whether setting up automated flows to engage potential partners after a conference, or just saving hours on personalized introductions that help teams and individuals come together — Contactually’s “customization and programmability” allow her to build processes as robust or lean as she wants.

Melanie and the Sisarina team are, “building a tribe” and use Contactually every step of the way to “bond with the tribe and drive ‘their’ business.” It takes the right tools coupled with the right intent to build a successful partnership and brand strategy — and Melanie is making full use of Contactually to boost value for every business involved.

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