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Receive 20% of the revenue from any customers you send our way.

As a Contactually Partner, you won’t just be sharing a great product with your customers and contacts — you’ll be able to make real money. We track your referrals automatically, using a unique invitation URL that your clients will use to sign up.

Customize Contactually to build the best experience for your audience.

Our top partners customize Contactually so their clients receive unique templates and buckets when signing up through their referral link. You can reinforce your coaching and best practices right there in Contactually.

So what does it take to be a successful Contactually Partner?

We find that the best resellers have significant experience with CRMs or related tools, enabling them to effectively convey the value of Contactually. As an added bonus, our partners that bring on 20 paid customer accounts each year get a free Contactually account for the next 12 months.

Looking to grow your business? Reinforce your status as a relationship management thought leader? Make some additional money on the side? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our most active partner earns over $25,000 a year in commissions as a result of selling Contactually, and has referred over 200 customers to our service. We’re here to help you get to that level.

The Certified Partner Program requirements

The requirements to be a part of our partner program are as follows:

  • You must have substantial experience with Contactually (and preferably knowledge about CRMs in general), both when it comes to your own business and when you’re facing externally.
  • You should bake Contactually and the importance of CRMs/technology systems into your methodology/teachings with your clients or audience.
  • When possible, you should create a set of buckets and follow-up rules, email templates, and Programs, in accordance with your teachings and methodology, that will automatically be placed into your referrals’ accounts. This is a new key initiative that will help with your referrals’ adoption of our platform.

To be a Certified Partner, you must:

  • Watch our videos outlining all of our features and how they work here and maintain a relationship grade in Contactually of an A or more.

If you have any questions/concerns about these requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to

Partner Program Benefits

There are a number of great benefits that will come your way as part of our partner program! They are as follows:

  • As per our previous reseller stipulations, all partners will receive 20% of the revenue that is generated for your referrals’ first paid year on Contactually.
  • Access to a designated “account manager” to support all of your reselling efforts. This includes the ability to work with me on things like monthly/quarterly co-hosted webinars for your clients/audience, recurring training/education sessions as needed, and anything else that you think will help get your audience hooked on Contactually.
  • A co-branded version of our homepage, as well as a customizable landing page if you’re interested (more on this below)
  • Once you show proof of your Relationship Grade of an A or above, we’ll provide you with a Contactually certified partner badge that you can display on your website, in your email signature, etc. — anywhere you’d like! You can also use that in tandem with your referral link to drive traffic to either your co-branded homepage or your custom landing page.
  • We’re working on creating a certified partner directory that Contactually customers can to find strategic help with their networking. You’ll be added to this directory after you pass the Certified Partner Education Course.
  • Access to [co-branded] marketing materials to help your reselling efforts.
    • Available now:
    • 60 second explainer video
    • Quick Contactually PDF guide
    • The Daily Contactually Tasks path guide
    • Coming soon:
    • What is Contactually? co-branded one-pager
    • Contactually pitch decks
    • …and much more! We’d love to hear your ideas about co-branded projects that we can work on together, too.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the Contactually blog, either monthly or quarterly, both to raise your own thought leadership levels and drive traffic to either your partner link or your own website
  • Once you sell 20 or more paid subscriptions within a year, we’ll provide you with a free Professional account for the next year.

The Certified Partner Education Course

All Contactually partners will be required to watch the following videos and maintain a Relationship Grade of an A or above in Contactually. This is so that you know how to properly leverage our platform for your own business, and can then take your extensive knowledge of our features and benefits combined with your own methodology and best practices to create passionate Contactually users.

You can access the videos here.

This course is a work in progress. All of the Contactually-centric parts of the course are ready to go now. This includes an overview of the following:

  • Dashboard tour
  • Contact management overview
  • Buckets
  • Email templates
  • Article sharing
  • IntroMaker
  • ScaleMail
  • Programs
  • Pipelines

Once you watch the videos, please send me a screenshot of your Relationship Grade. After verifying your Relationship Grade, I’ll send you your Contactually Certified Partner badge and add you to the certified partner directory (when available).

Note: This education course is not designed to inhibit your reselling efforts, but rather to make sure that you have most knowledge about Contactually as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please let me know.

Your referral links and custom partner landing pages

Most (if not all) of you already have a Contactually referral link that drives your audience to a co-branded version of our homepage (see here for an example). We’ll continue using these co-branded homepages in addition to new custom partner pages that you can also use to drive traffic and registrations through your link.

You can see an example of one of our customizable partner pages at /partners/bookyourselfsolid.

You’ll have the ability to customize or choose from the following on your partner page:

  • Header image (the blue gear wheel you see)
  • Contactually’s + your logo
  • Headline and sub-headline
  • Content section, with images (like your headshot) and text explaining why you’re passionate about Contactually and how it will help your audience
  • 3-4 feature and benefit descriptions. Choose from:
    • Automated contact management
    • Dashboard / follow-up modal
    • Contact profile
    • Social media integrations
    • Email templates
    • Article sharing
    • IntroMaker
    • ScaleMail
    • Programs
    • Pipelines
    • Lead capture
    • Mobile applications
  • Closing section headline and text

If you’re interested in creating your own customized partner page, please let us know and we can help you put it together.

Next steps

If this sounds good to you, please fill out the Partner application form here.

Once Penny, our support manager, has set up your referral URL, let’s schedule a 15-30 minute call so I can learn about you and your business, and see how Contactually and the Partner Program fits in. Please shoot me an email ( with a few dates/times that work for you.

Get started by filling out the Partner Application form.

Once Penny, our support manager, has set up your referral URL, let’s schedule a 15-30 minute call so I can learn about you and your business, and see how Contactually and the Partner Program fits in. Then, email ( with a few dates/times that work for you.